What is wrong with Nancy Pelosi?

Fans of the Golden State Warriors may be wondering that as they watched the House Minority Leader’s tribute to the team on the House floor today.

Pelosi suffered more than a half-dozen brain freezes during a short “One Minute” speech — that ended up being over two minutes.

The first occurred just five seconds into her brief remarks.

“Thank you very much Mr. Speaker. I’m very delighted to join my colleagues, uh, from— the Bay Area. Congresswoman Barbara Lee in wearing the blue and the gold, uh, to celebrate the new American dynasty, the Golden State Warriors,” she said.

“On Friday, as you probably know, the Warriors swept the great team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, led by LeBron James. What a magnificent athlete, all the more making the victory, uh, so sweet to secure the 2018 NBA championship. Their third title, the Warriors third title in three years,” Pelosi erroneously claimed.

Cleveland won the championship in 2016.

“This historic achievement secures Golden State’s position— is not only, is not only the best team in the sport, but is an extraordinary force in ushering in a new era of professional basketball and transforming the future of the sport,” she said.

“The Golden State Warriors are distinguished both by their talent, and their extraordinary teamwork,” she said before mispronouncing Kevin Durant’s name.

She said the players “each played with extraordinary skill, strength, and determination, each making history in the each— in their own way,” she corrected herself.

After calling the Warriors coach “indestructible,” she confused her grammar.

“The Warriors honors our American values of equality, fairness and respect for all with their words and their actions,” Pelosi said.

She went on to invite the Warriors to the Capitol, in an apparent snub to President Trump.

By our count, Pelosi suffered seven brain freezes during the short speech.