100+ Celebrities That You Wouldn’t Have Guessed Are Conservatives

You might know a few of these conservative celebrities, but you'll be surprised how many you've never heard of!

Jon Voight


One of the most outspoken conservative voices in Hollywood is Jon Voight. He has been a strong supporter of Donald Trump and has gone so far as to call out those Republicans who DON’T support Trump; he’s called them “Republican Turncoat. Voight continually takes to Twitter to voice his support for Trump and his disappointment to those who have expressed intense anger and disgust of the President. During an interview on Fox Business, he explained what it’s like to be a Conservative in Hollywood. He told Stuart Varney, “There are, by the way, many, many conservatives in Hollywood; they just aren’t very vocal”.

50 Cent

Image Credit: 50 Cent, CC BY-ND 2.0, by TigerDirect.com

50 Cent follows the conservative platform. He’s pro 1st Amendment (his lyrics are controversial and yet still make him money), he’s pro 2nd Amendment (he talks a lot about gun ownership) and he’s made a very successful living utilizing the American capitalist system. He has come out and said that he’s a Republican but has not placed his opinions anywhere near the forefront. He does identify himself as a Christian and has publically stated that he likes President George W. Bush.