Is Hillary attempting to fashion herself as just one of the people in preparation for a 2020 presidential run?

Bill and Hillary Clinton were forced to fly with the unwashed masses recently, according to video posted on Twitter.

The video shows the pair apparently sitting in the First Class section, captured across the aisle peons filed into coach.

The short clip ends as the former president appears to spot the camera.

It’s not known where the duo was traveling to, though it appears it was a Delta flight.

Flying commercial is a long way from traveling in Air Force One, or even aboard chartered campaign planes.

As Wired Sources notes, the Clintons were flying “commercial without threat of being attacked by conservative critics, while Trump Administration officials face harassment by violent liberals.”

In fact, another video shows Bill Clinton glad-handing with police officers and gate agents.

Hillary, meanwhile, was seen doing the opposite, standing off to the side and not interacting with the little people.