It’s no secret Nancy Pelosi is fond of hobnobbing with union bosses, CEOs and other super rich power brokers.

But a picture posted to Facebook this week shows she’s not opposed to mixing it up with admitted tax cheats and other questionable characters in the name of politics.

Pelosi attended a fundraiser for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee at SOUTH Restaurant & Jazz Parlor in Philadelphia on Tuesday, where she posed for a picture as she beamed proudly beside union attorney Jack O’Neill and political director Marita Crawford, along with a man named Bill Miller V, reports.

Miller V pleaded guilty in April of evading taxes on $400,000 in income. The son of Philly political legend Bill Miller IV, Miller V consulted for former District Attorney Seth Williams, now in prison for bribery, and the IBEW, which is currently under investigation by the FBI for corruption.

The FBI investigation allegedly involved wire taps on Crawford and IBEW president John “Johnny Doc” Dougherty. Doughtery’s home and offices were also raided by the FBI as part of a probe that extends to the city councilmen and former players in the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office, according to Philly Voice.

“Billy Miller’s father and I were very close friends,” Dougherty told “Billy has been a major contributor to our very successful get-out-the-vote efforts, handles all our daily minority media engagement, and has a work ethic that’s second to none. He’s a really good kid.”

And while the criminal courts may disagree, Pelosi seems to side with Dougherty.

Of course it’s not the first time Pelosi has put politics above ethics.

According to

Pelosi has been a tad tone-deaf in the past. When Congressman Bob Brady announced this year he wasn’t running for reelection after being investigated by the FBI for much of 2017, she released a statement calling him “our beloved ‘Mayor of Capitol Hill.’”

The statute of limitations expired earlier this year on almost all the charges that Brady might have faced. He was at Tuesday’s fundraiser, too.

Meanwhile, Democratic candidates across the country are disavowing Pelosi in droves to appeal to voters who overwhelmingly disapprove of the 78-year-old politician’s job performance.

Pelosi’s net favorability rating currently sits at -24, just shy of her historic low -27 favorability rating in October 2010 – the month before voters handed control of Congress to Republicans, according to the most recent Gallup poll.

The situation portends bad things for Democrats in 2018, as the only liberal America dislikes more than Pelosi is Hillary Clinton, who was viewed positively by a mere 27 percent in an April Wall Street Journal poll.

An unnamed Democratic pollster who advises House candidates to disavow Pelosi recently told Politico “with very few exceptions, the biggest hurdle, the biggest vulnerability of Democratic candidates is Nancy Pelosi, and the strongest card the Republicans can play is attaching a candidate to Pelosi.”

“Most of this is about mitigating and diluting the effectiveness of that attack,” the pollster said.