“Intelligence” triggers Nancy Pelosi.

When the House Minority Leader attempted to say the word today, she suffered a face spasm — just one of several during today’s press conference with Intelligence Committee Democrats.

While introducing her colleagues, Pelosi said, “I’m very honored to stand, uh, before members of the House Intelligence Committee,” suffering a face spasm.

She repeated herself — while reading from note cards.

“We also want to protect, we also want to protect the Muell— the integrity of the Mueller investigation,” Pelosi said.

Attempting to praise one of her Democratic colleagues, she called him by the wrong name.

“Early on, the leadership of Congressman Early— uh, Eric Swalwell,” she said, correcting herself.

Moments later, she spoke unintelligibly.

“So I knew the challenge that members face there,” speaking of the committee. “That’s why I had the pa— uh,” freezing, before adding, “privilege…”

She suffered another face spasm as she attempting to compliment a colleague and “associate myself with the remarks in support of our men and women” in the intelligence community.

A short time later, she seemed to struggle to remember how long ago she had been on the intelligence committee, stopping to try to remember before continuing.

Or maybe she just suffered a brain freeze — it’s hard to tell with Pelosi.

Attempting to use a Trump appointee’s statement against the president, she flubbed the attack, saying, “As Demo— Director of National Intelligence.”

The Speaker wannabe suffered another face spasm when she praised John McCain.

“His service, his courage, his leadership for our country has been a blessing,” she said, fighting through the awkward moment.

While many Democrats are distancing themselves from Pelosi, seemingly for political reasons, are they really doing it because they know something about an undisclosed health condition?