The Constitution is like a noxious fart to some liberals.

The House Minority Leader suffered a face spasm as she attempted to say the word.


“Our oath to protect and defend our country from all en— and our Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic,” she said.

Pelosi called on Trump to “stand up to Putin for his depa— attacks…”

“It’s a danger this president is propo— uh, putting forth,” she said seconds later. One sentence later, she suffered a brain freeze before saying “intelligence.”

Talking about how Trump failed compared to other summits in Helsinki, Pelosi said a previous meeting “was about economy in eastern— in, uh, in, in, in Europe…”

The House Speaker wannabe suffered another brain freeze during her short remarks again as she attacked Trump.

“The urgency of us acting in a bi-partisan way to say to the president…” she said before stopping and staring at reporters, before continuing by using John McCain to slam Trump.