Is it any wonder the U.S. government has a $21.3 trillion debt when politicians can’t tell the difference between a number with 6 zeros and one with 12?

Nancy Pelosi made an appearance this week at San Francisco’s Mission Neighborhood Health Center, and during a brief media appearance afterward, she confused millions with billions with trillions, had trouble speaking, and got her government programs mixed up.

“Imagine that,” she said, lamenting the number of people with pre-existing conditions, “130 million people, meaning 130 million families, probably,” she told reporters.

That would be difficult, given that according to government stats, there were only 126 million households in 2017.

Attacking Republicans, Pelosi said, “They did this, handing a massive tax cut, uh, to the wealthiest, uh, families in— people in America. 83 percent of the benefits went to the top 1 percent. A couple trillion dollars, uh, added to the national debt. Ans they said how are we going to pay for that? We’re going to cut Medicare and we’re going to cut Social Security.

“One and a— 1.4 million, billion dollars,” she corrected with emphasis, before looking off towards a staffer, who was undoubtedly attempting to correct her.

After staring off, she corrected herself again, “No, 1.4 trillion dollars in Medicare, and half a trillion in Medicaid,” she said, confusing Social Security with Medicaid.


She accused Republicans of “attacking the sacred right to health care as a right for all,” suffering a brain freeze midway.

“We can’t do out outs— inside maneuvering, it won’t count for much without the outside mobilization,” she said, confused.

Pelosi mistakenly said “we’re” out VIPs of the personal stories she had featured at the news conference.

The House Minority Leader and potential Speaker-elect if Democrats regain the majority in November had a speech problem as she attempted to say “debilitating.”