Anti-gun protester David Hogg hates guns — but apparently not enough to not be protected by them.

Hogg and a collective of anti-Second Amendment agitators protested outside the NRA headquarters on Saturday, and as the group points out, he was protected by armed guards.

The NRA’s photos show, among other things, Hogg with several security agents.

For his part, Hogg unwittingly tweeted a photo showing additional armed security protecting him.

In an attempt to ridicule the pro-2A counter-protesters, the student undermined his own message.

Hogg’s photo shows at least three men who appear to be security agents. Armed police officers stand in the parking lot, ready to protect the teen with big, bad guns.

Additional security seems to be here:

The NRA noted in its tweet that there were some “interesting” people there.

One was Therese Okoumou, whom Hogg called one of his “biggest inspirations.”

This week, she denounced Americans as “drug addicts” and “KKK”.

“America!” she screeched, her voice cracking, as the crowd joined in.

“America, you motherf*ckers! You drug addicts! You KKK! You fascist USA!” The Congo native yelled.

No one joined in. The man standing to her left, presumably her lawyer, had the smile escape his face.

Some in the crowd joined Okoumou’s denouncement as she screamed it a third time.