In a moment that will undoubtedly be ignored by the mainstream media, a cell phone video from Ohio on Saturday shows President Trump halting his motorcade so he could shake hands with firemen.

The video, taken by one of the participants, shows several firefighters standing or kneeling as the President’s motorcade approaches the venue.

Two police escorts pass, as does the first presidential car, before the second stops near the group.

Moments later, the President exited, clapping his hands for the first responders.

“Thank you,” Trump says, shaking the hand of the fireman holding the camera.

“That’s awesome,” one says.

He shakes their hands, as the group gathers for several photos. The nearly two-minute clip ends with the President continuing to interact with them, posing for pictures.

At the event, Trump urged Republicans to turn out on Tuesday.

Roll Call reports:

“We’re going to have a tremendous victory for Troy,” Trump said Saturday, adding, “he’s the one I wanted to win” a GOP primary there in May over Melanie Leneghan, who was backed by party hard-liners. The president claimed there was a “false report that I was supporting somebody else.”

“He’s my first choice,” Trump said of the state senator. “He’s really smart. He never stops working. … He’s going to hopefully be here for a long time.”

The president, as he often does at rallies where one GOP candidate is the focus, invited Balderson onstage to address the crowd from behind the podium with the seal of the president.

“They’re talking about this blue wave,” Trump said at the rally. “I don’t think so.”