Omarosa Manigault tried to play Hardball, but now its three strikes and she’s out of credibility.

Manigault appeared on the MSNBC program “Hardball with Chris Matthews” on Monday to promote her new book, which centers on an alleged recording of President Trump using the n-word in a derogatory fashion during his time as host of The Apprentice.

Manigault first gained notoriety as a shrewd and cunning contestant on the reality television show, before Trump hired her to work on his 2016 presidential campaign and in the White House.

Manigault told Matthews on Monday that former Apprentice producer Bill Pruitt played a role in uncovering the so-called n-word audio recording, which she allegedly listened to second-hand. Manigault has also alleged others, including political consultant and pollster Frank Luntz, have heard the president use the n-word, as well.

Shortly after Manigault’s appearance on Hardball, senior Trump official Lynne Patton took to Twitter to set the record straight, becoming the latest to debunk her disgruntled co-worker’s salacious claims.

“Tonight, on the MSNBC program, Hardball, Omarosa revealed to the public what she had told me last December: that former Apprentice producer, Bill Pruitt, was the original source of the ‘N-word’ tape. Bill Pruitt is a mutual friend. I just spoke to Bill Pruitt tonight before releasing this statement,” Patton wrote.

“He confirmed to me (before Hardball had even gone off the air) that he does NOT have an audio tape of President Trump using the ‘N-word’ and has NEVER had an audio tape of President Trump using the ‘N-word.’ Period,” she continued.

“Based upon her conflicting accounts and the newfound information revealed in my statement, it should be abundantly clear to everyone that not only is her book a complete work of fiction, but that the existence of this elusive ‘N-word’ tape is a figment of her imagination and merely a destructive tool of manipulation applied only when it best serves her interests.”

Patton’s comments follow others who have spoken out to discredit Manigault’s self-serving book, including some folks who aren’t exactly friends of the president.

April Ryan, the American Urban Radio Networks’ Washington bureau chief and a critic of the president, took aim at Manigault as the former reality TV star made the rounds on talk shows to promote her book on Sunday.

“Don’t reference me or use my name. Keep My name out of your mouth,” Ryan posted to Twitter. “You have done enough. Your lies and crazy behavior are catching up to you. Can you say National Security breach? Lawyer up!”

Ryan elaborated on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” the same day.

“She was complicit, but she was doing all this knowing that there was going to be a payoff in the end for her, and then once she got upset with him or he got upset with her or whatever happened, she decides to turn on him,” Ryan said. “She’s not a friend, she’s a liar, and I would say she’s evil.”

Frank Luntz, former Trump attorney Michael Cohen and others have also denied allegations in Manigault’s book.

“To the many dozens of #journalists who called me, questioning @OMAROSA claim in her new book that @POTUS @realDonaldTrump took a note from me, put it in his mouth and ate it…I saw NO such thing and am shocked anyone would take this seriously,” Cohen tweeted.

Luntz described the new book as “very shoddy work.”

“I’m in @Omarosa’s book on page 149. She claims to have heard from someone who heard from me that I heard Trump use the N-word,” Luntz posted to Twitter last week. “Not only is this flat-out false (I’ve never heard such a thing), but Omarosa didn’t even make an effort to call or email me to verify. Very shoddy work.”

Luntz summarized the situation for Fox News.

“There’s no accountability,” he said.

“I’ve never liked the term fake news. I think very often it’s biased or one-sided, but I don’t think it’s made up. This book is made up,” Luntz told Sean Hannity. “After tonight, we should not spend any time talking about it because, quite frankly, there’s no value in it.”