She’s back!

Nancy Pelosi is back in Washington from the August — and so are her brain freezes.

The House Minority Leader — who spoke confidently about Democrats retaking the majority in November — suffered several brain freezes during a less than 30-minute press conference on Thursday.

“Welcome back,” she told the D.C. reporters, “perhaps you’ve been here the whole time.”

After struggling to say “mini-bus” budget, she suffered a brain freeze complimenting a colleague.

Talking about the Democrats’ ranking member on the “Homeland, uh, Security” committee, she said, “Subcommittee of Appropriations…”

She had trouble talking about what is happening this week.

“I would say that this week — that’s what’s going on in life — but this week, that’s what’s going on in the Congress, this week in the courts…” she said.

Moments later, she suffered another brain freeze when she said, “Over 130 million families — have a pre-existing condition.”

She later said 130 million “people” do.

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Pelosi mistakenly said “challenges” instead of “cases” going before the Supreme Court, before correcting herself.

She uttered indecipherable gibberish while criticizing Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

“If he doesn’t believe in [inaudible] of established law —” she said, suffering yet another brain freeze.

“Our focus has been in, in,” Pelosi said before pausing to remember what she was saying, “since his name came forward.”

“Over the coming weeks, House Democrats will continue to develop legislation,” she said, freezing again, before continuing, “We don’t take anything for granted in the election…”

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“So this is interesting,” she said moments later, “that the president is saying is treason — is, again —” she said, freezing yet again, “a manifestation of his instability.”

Towards the end of her appearance, she lost her voice and coughed awkwardly.

Despite the bizarre behavior, Pelosi tells Time magazine she’s not going anywhere, and in fact, is researching impeachment.

Time reports:

Pelosi has been reading about the technicalities of impeachment, but she thinks it’s a political loser now. “I have my judgment about this President,” she says. “But the American people are not going to accept an impeachment if there isn’t solid, conclusive evidence presented in a nonpolitical way.” Some of her colleagues, I reply, believe that evidence already exists. “We’ll see what Mr. Mueller discovers,” she says. “It remains to be seen.”