Diamond and Silk are taking on the “Dummycrats” in a new movie being released nationwide on October 15 — as only they can.

In the documentary, which is being presented by The American Mirror, the hilarious pro-Trump duo visit Maxine Waters’ Los Angeles district where they talk to constituents, visit Waters’ local office and even her neighborhood.

Check out the official trailer:

The film goes into the archives to the beginning of Waters’ congressional career, and they find after 14 elections, not much has changed — about “the entertainer” Waters or her district.

When they head north to the San Francisco district of Nancy Pelosi, how long will it take them to find the “poop patrol” cleaning human waste off city streets?

Spoiler: About as long as it takes to say “What’s wrong with Nancy Pelosi?”

Besides piles of human feces everywhere, what else they witness is even more shocking.

While in town, they dropped in to see talk radio host and author of the new book “Stop Mass Hysteria,” Dr. Michael Savage.

When asked what contributes to the disturbing scenes, he simply replied, “Liberalism is a mental disorder.”

“It’s the taxpayers who fund Congress and their salaries,” Diamond and Silk tell The American Mirror, “therefore we have a right to be vocal and critical when they are not doing their job.”

That’s why they headed to Washington, D.C. when they couldn’t find Waters anywhere, in order to get answers.

Unlike many conservative documentaries, the duo are skewering liberals in their own hilarious way.

“Laughter is good for the soul — laugh a little,” they say.

“Dummycrats” is being presented by Fathom Events in theaters across the country on October 15, and will include a “special introduction and Q&A” after the film, according to a trailer now playing in theaters.

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