Barack Obama says if he was president again, he would “say hello” to the people serving him.

Appearing at the Oslo Business Forum, Obama was asked, “If you were president once more for a day, what would you have done and why?”

Obama smirked slightly. The crowd giggled as he threw up his hand.

“You know, the truth is if I was president for a day, I wouldn’t do much because, um…the nature of…” he responded, trailing off.

He went on to liken being president to trying to turn an ocean liner.

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“So in one day, I would say hello all the staff in the White House that I miss,” he said, again making the answer about himself and not the American people.

Obama lamented not being able to do everything he wanted, he believes the biggest issue now is “global sustainability and climate change.”

After jabbing President Trump overseas, he said, “So if I were in the seat again, I would focus on how could we continue to build on some of the progress that was made during my presidency.”