The revenues for Fahrenheit 11/9 are dropping faster than filet mignon down Michael Moore’s gullet.

A review of numbers published by Box Office Mojo shows the revenues from Saturday’s peak — the second day of the film’s release — plunged 80 percent just four days later.

On September 22, Fahrenheit 11/9 brought in $1,187,602, according to the movie tracking site.

On Wednesday, September 26, it grossed only $238,772.

On Thursday, the decreased another 18.5 percent, bringing in only $194,566, according to Box Office Mojo.

In total, that’s an 84 percent drop over 5 days.

One of the handful of people who saw the anti-Trump screed that day posted a sad picture on Twitter of all the empty seats in his theater.

“Finally seeing a (Michael Moore) movie in a theater,” Nate Power of Snow Covered News tweeted.

“Clearly, I was alone in the excitement.”

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“I had the theater to myself,” he later posted.

On Sunday, another movie-goer posted a lonesome photo of her empty theater.

“Thank you for your information and insight,” Annie tweeted to Moore.

“Unfortunately we were the only ones in the theater.”

Moore’s movie blatantly implies Trump has had some sort of inappropriate relationship with his daughter, Ivanka.

The end of the movie is dedicated to comparing Trump to Adolf Hitler, and features the January false missile warning in Hawaii.

What did that have to do with anything? After all, it was a state Emergency Management Agency employee who “had a history of confusing drill and real-world events,” according to CNN.

That person was fired and several state-appointed bureaucrats resigned. Even CNN couldn’t find a way to blame the President.

Moore’s movie is as if he was contractually obligated to provide a movie and he grabbed anything he could find that would make the President’s haters salivate and validate their Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Now along come Diamond and Silk, the pro-Trump duo making their own movie skewering the Democrats — the privileged class in Hollywood.

Dummycrats features the ladies on the trail of Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters, demanding answers and exposing the real conditions of their California districts.

From interviewing Waters’ constituents to following a San Francisco “Poop Patrol,” Diamond and Silk show Americans what the mainstream media won’t: what progressive policies do to American communities.

“Liberalism is a mental disorder,” talk radio host Michael Savage says in the film that will be in theaters October 15th.

While Dummycrats won’t be in as many theaters as Moore’s movie Americans have an opportunity to give the middle finger to Hollywood and the media elites fawning over Moore’s by making Dummycrats bigger.

So make Michael Moore squeal like pig and cry like a baby. Go to for more information, or Fathom Events to purchase tickets.