Bitter Hillary is called “bitter” for a good reason.

She’s still bitter.

The failed Democrat candidate for president was asked today at The Atlantic Festival, “Virtually two years later, do you believe the formula is as simple as this: Vladimir Putin stole the election from you?”

“I’m not speaking for myself, I’m speaking for the evidence that is being presented,” she prefaced her conspiracy theory.

“I believe that the combination of the Russian campaign, the Wikileaks being the cut-out for Russian stolen information, the role that Cambridge Analytica and other organizations like that played, in connection with the Republican apparatus, the national committee, other allies, and the Trump campaign certainly altered the outcome in enough places that we have to ask, ‘What really happened?'” Clinton answered.

“But again, I don’t want to look backwards,” she insisted.

Earlier in her remarks, she believes the Trump administration isn’t taking election security seriously enough.

“Things change,” she said, “Putin could wake up with a headache and decide he doesn’t like the Republicans anymore.”

The 2016 election was 693 days ago.