President Trump’s wall could protect the entire southern border, if Congressional Republicans would just fund its completion.

Because what’s going up so far is pretty impressive.

In the upcoming movie, “Dummycrats,” Diamond and Silk dispatch me to El Paso, Texas, where I stand at the boundary between the United States and Mexico.

I ride along with Joe Frescas, president of National Border Patrol Council Local 1929, and he takes me into a construction zone in the middle of the New Mexico desert.

Watch this sneak peak:

Standing near a section of wall being built, with so-called “Normandy barriers” still providing the only protect for that portion of the border, Frescas said the area “used to be a lot easier border to pass, to cross over.”

According to Frescas, prior to the wall being built, “You had a lot of people trying to cross the desert afoot. You’d have people trying to cross over in vehicles.”

Yes, they’d find ways for vehicles to cross over the large steel Normandy barriers, which would allow “narcotics smuggling [and] alien smuggling,” he said.

In the scene I show the original border wall — if it can even be considered that — was simply four strings of barbed wire held in place by sticks that were seemingly scavenged from the desert.

The sneak peak ends with me showing the ease with which the Normandy barriers can be conquered on foot.

“Even Hillary can do that,” I muttered under my breath. A younger person can probably leap over one in a single bound.

We later traveled to another portion of the border, where a piece of wall built during the Obama administration just ends, allowing a free flow of illegal aliens into America.

Border Patrol agents tasked with defending an open border do their best to protect our national security, but they’re frequently attacked and rushed by large groups of illegals, Fescas says.

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Reuters reports Congressional negotiators have delayed funding more of the wall until after the November elections.

Trump campaigned for president in 2016 vowing to build a wall that he said Mexico would finance.

But Mexico has balked and Trump instead has had to turn to Congress for construction funds. Lawmakers provided $1.57 billion this year for physical barriers and related technology along the southwest border.

Some have estimated the total cost of the edifice at more than $24 billion.

“Dummycrats” will be in theaters everywhere on October 15.

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