Like Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden just can’t go away.

During a Wednesday appearance in London, the former Vice President says he’s not running for president — “at this point.”

“I think there are many people in the Democratic Party that can defeat Trump and not a single aspiring candidate that I can think of for the nomination — and I am not one at this point — does not have a better understanding and formulation of American foreign policy than President Trump,” Biden said during an event with CNN.

“I’m not being rankly partisan here — the President acknowledged at the outset he didn’t know a lot about foreign policy. He said he watched the news, although I think he’s getting more and more informed out of necessity,” he added. “I think there are any number of potential candidates seeking the nomination from Kamala Harris to a whole range of people in my party who would pursue a much more enlightened foreign policy than the President.”

CNN notes Biden will return to the campaign trail — undoubtedly collecting IOUs for 2020.

On Thursday, he campaigned for Kentucky Democrat congressional candidate Amy McGrath, and today, for Indiana Sen. Joe Donnelly.