For one night only, “Dummycrats” is in theaters nationwide — a movie “calling Democrats to task in manner no one in the mainstream media would ever dare,” according to a review by Newsmax.

The film chronicles the journey of Diamond and Silk to get answers from Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi and to expose other Democrats who want to take back the House and impose their will on Americans.

Watch the trailer:

According to the movie synopsis:

Dummycrats documents the duo’s journey across America to reveal the hypocrisy spewed by progressive, big government loving politicians on the left. With their boots on the ground, Diamond & Silk scour California in the search of Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi. Unable to find the answers the American people need, the ladies travel to D.C. Meanwhile, they send Kyle Olson to El Paso to uncover the dangers that come with open borders to reveal how the Democrats put the interests of lawbreakers above those of American citizens.

With laughs, tears and anger, Dummycrats takes you on a journey for truth, stepping on the political antics of the left to get answers that the American people deserve — as only Diamond & Silk can!

Newsmax movie critic Michael Clark praised the movie he says “will wake up undecided voters.”

As good as the films of Dinesh D’Souza have been, they are largely serious, furrow-browed affairs which work well for the established base, but do little to sway those on the fence — the most coveted of all electoral demographics. Anyone worth their weight in salt already knows those in the middle have the final say in all elections and they are the desired audience of Olson’s film.

The movie is currently being offered for one night only by Fathom Events. Find tickets for your local theater here.

A red carpet premiere is being held at the Trump International in Washington, D.C. tonight and is open to the public. Tickets are available for purchase here.