Some progressives just can’t handle other people expressing their First Amendment rights.

A man was caught on camera raging over the sight of Ted Cruz’s name, confronting the homeowner and rushing his cell phone camera.

“I’m just going to take them down,” the man told the homeowner, not realizing (or caring) it was his property.

“It is your property? Okay,” the man said, appearing to turn rational.

“Oh, that’s your property, too, though, huh?” he said, pointing across the street.

Charging across the road, the man went on to remove the neighbor’s Cruz signs.

“I’d be careful,” the homeowner said, noting his neighbor is a gun owner.

“If you guys shoot me over that, that would be great, that would be an appropriate response,” he said sarcastically.

After being told the homeowner has about a hundred signs and he would just put more out, the man tore up the signs, then charged the camera and with a demonic voice yelled, “I hate Ted Cruz!” three times.

The homeowner said nothing, but just followed him with the camera rolling.

“Look at this clown, he’s following me!” he announced to onlookers.

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“I’ve lived here for 15 years and not had this behavior. He just went nuts,” the homeowner told people sitting outside the Black Hole Coffee House.

“I tore up his Ted Cruz sign because I’ve lived here for 26 years, grew up here. You moved here. You moved to Montrose. You’re not from Montrose.

“Ted Cruz does not belong in f*ckin’ Montrose, go to The Woodlands,” he attacker declared.

Cruz was walking through Washington Reagan airport when he was confronted by agitators likely seeking to create a crowd and push back on him.

“You think putting a sexual assaulter on the Court is a victory for women?” a woman demanded.

As Cruz ignored the question, the woman said, “So you believe in men assaulting women?”

“I believe in due process,” Cruz responded.

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“Due process? Lots of women were out there talking about their stories,” someone said.

“Do you believe in a man lying about his alcohol in front of the Senate? And perjury? Do you believe in perjury?!?” the woman continued.

“Thank you for expressing your First Amendment rights,” Cruz responded, continuing to walk through the airport.

“So why do you support a man that abuses women?” she said, unhappy with the senator’s responses.

“Shame on you, Ted Cruz!” the attention-starved woman yelled.

“God bless you, ma’am,” he responded.

“Shame on you, Ted Cruz,” she yelled, her voice getting louder.

“Shame on you, Ted Cruz!”