The word vomit out of the socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez continues.

Speaking in a small venue, the Democrat darling said the blueprint for defeating the progressive boogeyman “global warming” should be the same as the one used to fight Hitler.

“The last time we had a really major existential threat in this country was around World War II and so we’ve been here before, and we have blueprint of doing this before,” Cortez said.

“Non of these things are new ideas,” she continued. “What we have is an existential threat in the context of war. We had a direct existential threat with another nation. This time it was Nazi Germany and the Axis who explicitly named the United States as an enemy.

“And what we did was we chose to mobilize our entire economy and industrialize our entire economy and we put hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people to work in defending our shores and defending this country,” she lectured.

“We have to do the same thing in order to get us to 100% renewable energy, and that’s just the truth of it.

“It may seem really big,” she said as a single clap rang out.

It was so solitary, it’s possible it was an accident.

“It may seem really ambitious, it may seem very radical,” she continued, throwing up finger quotes, “as people love to say…”

Calling global warming a “radical reality,” she said, “The more we choose to ignore it, the worse we are doing by our children and our grandchildren, and frankly, ourselves in this lifetime.”