What’s wrong with the woman the mainstream media would have us believe is the presumptive next Speaker of the House?

During an appearance with CNN today, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi suffered brain freezes, speech problems, and even had trouble remember Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s name.

Moments into her remarks, a jaw problem marred Pelosi’s speech, causing her to utter gibberish.

“This election, more than anything (unintelligible), if I just may…” she said.

Speaking about tax cuts, she said, “It’s a financially— a financial health issue.”

After having trouble saying “tax cuts,” she seemed to run out of breath claiming “deficits go down under Democratic presidents.”

Pelosi seemed to get confused about spending just seconds later.

“All duress— discretionary defen— uh, uh, spending— domestic spending,” she corrected herself.

She suffered more speech problems as she bragged about herself.

“But I am a great legislator (unintelligible),” she said.

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Pelosi suffered another brain freeze as she attempted to wrap herself in the Constitution.

“The first part of it is the Preamble, so beautiful, ‘We The People,’ you know what it says about, uh, our defense, common welfare, the whole— I won’t go into it, it’s so beautiful,” she said.

Moments later, she couldn’t remember Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s name.

“People said, well are you going to impeach the President? Impeach whatever his name is just went to the Court? No,” she said.

It wasn’t clear if she was attempting to be dismissive of Kavanaugh, or she really couldn’t remember.

Then she struggled to remember Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s title.

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“We’ll see what Mueller does. I never know what to call him. What do we call him? Special?” she said, looking out into the audience.

“Special counsel,” CNN’s Dana Bash responded.

Pelosi then had a bizarre moment when she had a conversation with herself.

Asked if President Trump would be a negotiator if Democrats take control of the House, she said, “No. Well, I hope so.”

She suffered two more brain freezes, before staring awkwardly into the audience as she attempted to recall an appearance last week in Boston.

“I spoke at, uh, Harvard the other day, the Kennedy Institute of Politics and there I quoted President Reagan but also Pres— President— President Kennedy,” she said.

If she has her way, the 78-year-old Pelosi will be third in line to the presidency once again in January.