It’s no wonder President Trump calls him “Creepy Joe Biden.”

The former vice president got handsy with yet another woman on Tuesday, and cracked a joke about her inability to “resist” when she met her future husband.

Campaigning for Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Tony Evers, Biden called Evers’ wife, Kathy, to the stage.

“Running for governor is a team sport,” Biden said with his arm around Evers.

“He met Kathy in kindergarten. She was too young to resist. She should have known better, but she did it anyway.”

He went on to plant an uninvited kiss on the woman.

The YouTube channel We Are Change Orlando recently confronted “Creepy Joe Biden” about numerous videos that show the elderly statesman groping and stroking young girls during Senate swearing-in ceremonies.

“Mr.  Biden, are you still groping senators’ children?” a cameraman asks the former Senator from Delaware as he departed a black SUV, flanked with bodyguards. “Creepy Joe Biden. Creepy Joe Biden on YouTube. Sir, have you seen the video?

“It’s pretty disgusting sir,” the man yelled, as Biden walked off without a word.

The We Are Change Orlando video cuts to coverage from C-SPAN2 of the U.S. Senate ceremonial swearing-in in the Old Senate Chamber in 2015, when Biden chatted up a family posing for pictures as he stroked a young girl’s hair and rubbed her face.

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Another clip shows Biden putting the same moves on a young Asian girl as photographers snapped pictures. He pet the girl and kissed her head, and placed his hands on the child’s shoulders. His right hand then slowly slipped to the girl’s breast. The child and another alongside her both share uncomfortable looks.

Still more video from the ceremony shows Creepy Joe Biden whispering in the ear of another senator’s teen daughter, who moved her head away to dodge a kiss. Several other exchanges featured Biden ushering young girls to stand in front of him, where he would nuzzle, whisper, touch and kiss them without their permission.

In one exchange, then Sen. Jeff Sessions goes as far as to swat Biden’s hand away when the VP attempts to put his hands on one of his family members.

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There’s so much footage of Biden groping young girls and senators’ wives that several folks on YouTube have made highlight reels dedicated exposing his creepy behavior, including “CREEPY UNCLE JOE,” “Compilation of Joe Biden Being Creepy” and “Creepy Joe Biden’s Greatest Hits,” among others.

The Trump-supporting duo Diamond and Silk also exposed Creepy Joe in their recent documentary “Dummycrats,” produced by The American Mirror.

Biden has not been accused of anything, and he has essentially ignored the numerous videos and news articles calling out his questionable behavior over the years. Left-leaning publications, from The Washington Post to the Daily Beast and VICE have exposed the issue and several recent editorials point out a Biden 2020 campaign could be a disaster in the #MeToo era, though Biden himself has championed the movement.

Regardless, many believe Biden could be the Democrats’ best shot at beating Trump in 2020, and he’s still contemplating a run for the nation’s highest office.

In mid-October, Biden told CNN that “at this point” he’s not running.

Victor Skinner contributed to this report.