Bernie Sanders visited the University of Central Florida on Wednesday to whip up support for Andrew Gillum, a black socialist Democrat running for governor, and it was a truly pathetic sight.

“Dozens turn out at Bernie Sanders rally in support of Andrew Gillum,” Praying Medic posted to Twitter, along with a video of the event that showed a very small crowd gathered around Sanders as he spoke.

There was literally one person in the stands, and plenty of room on the floor inside the CFE Arena, which was partitioned to gather everyone on one half of the venue.

Other videos confirmed the abysmal turnout, which featured just four folks half-heartedly waving campaign signs as the crowd of a few dozen waited near the stage for the big event.

Organizers told The Tampa Bay Times “more than 700” people showed up hear Sanders rail against “billionaires (and) right-wing extremists who ignore the needs of the people.”

Sanders told the mostly college-aged crowd they’re personally responsible for whether Gillum becomes the state’s first black governor, and preliminary results show they’re failing miserably.

“There are 2,900 eligible voters from this university, all of 81 have voted so far. That is pathetic,” Sanders told the crowd, according to Fox 13.

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Sanders urged students to vote to back his socialist policies, which he said Gillum supports, including “Medicare for all” government run health care, government funded college, and $15 minimum wage, among others.

He also spent a lot of time talking about President Trump, because he’s “on the ballot.”

Sanders claims the president is “trying to gain political points by dividing us up, by trying to get one group to hate another group,” and mocked Trump for visiting Florida to support Gillum’s opponent, Republican Ron DeSantis, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

“There is a reason why Trump would be here,” Sanders said. “He is nervous his candidate may lose. Your job is to make Mr. Trump Very, very nervous. Your job is to elect Andrew Gillum.”

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At the conclusion of the event, which featured other Democrats running for state office but not Gillum himself, Sanders and company literally walked students to an early voting site on the UCF campus.

The scene at UCF paled in comparison to the packed DeSantis rally at the 8,200-seat Hertz Arena in Fort Meyers headlined by President Trump Wednesday night. Lines formed for the Trump-DeSantis rally at 7:30 a.m. Tuesday, a full 34 hours before doors opened, the News-Press reports.

The massive sea of red MAGA hats also spilled outside the arena, where supporters who arrived too late to get a ticket tailgated around a massive projector screen in the parking lot, according to the Naples Daily News.

Andrew Pierce, a 53-year-old who didn’t make it inside, told the news site that the overflow crowd in the parking lot speaks for itself.

“I think it looks good, you know, makes the president probably feel good to realize that not only are the people in there supporting, but the people outside,” he said. “… I think it’s good to support him because he does seem to get beat up a lot by the media. So this is one easy that we can show that we approve of what he’s doing.”

Inside, the energy and enthusiasm was “palpable,” according to Politico.

The news site reports:

“Who voted?” (Trump) asked, watching with disbelief as thousands raised their hands.

“Everybody voted already?” he asked to cheers. “Let me see again: who voted?”

Once again, they raised their hands and cheered.

Trump: “Then what the hell am I doing here tonight?”

The Trump-DeSantis rally was held in a county where 36 percent of voters have already cast their ballots, many of them for Republicans.

That should make Sanders, Gillum and other Democrats very nervous.