There’s a new caravan heading to the Texas-Mexico border this weekend, but it’s not in Honduras, or Guatemala.

Moms For America, a national nonprofit “rooted on the principles of liberty and virtue our nation was founded on,” is convening a caravan of concerned parents from across the country who meet at the border on November 3 to hear first-hand from those impacted most by illegal immigration.

“Protecting our borders is something of grave concern to mothers on both sides of the border. No one is covering the moms’ view in the news. No one is even asking moms what they think about the ‘caravan’ or how it affects the women and children on the other side of the border,” MFA President Kimberly Fletcher said.

“These families on the border did not ask to be thrown into a political fight. They did not ask to be on the front lines on this battle for our nation’s border security,” she said. “Our country and its leadership must take a strong stance against this impending threat to our national security, because border families have fallen victim to this system that has been broken for far too long.”

The group contends the growing migrant caravans from Honduras and Guatemala is exacerbating the ongoing “illegal immigration crisis,” while “many of our country’s politicians continue to bury their heads in the sand.”

Moms heading to the border plan to visit with several “Angel Families” — those who have lost loved ones at the hands of people who shouldn’t be in the country — to discuss the real-life consequences of an unsecured border that are often neglected by major news outlets.

“Moms for America looks forward to meeting with these border moms to hear their side of this story, and sharing the story that the mainstream media so obviously doesn’t want you to hear,” Fletcher said.

The moms caravan will involve several groups, including Moms for America, Black Women Walk, the Moms March Movement, Fund the Wall, Women on the Wall, and the Remembrance Project, as well as a Gold Star mother and other notable supporters.

Mary Ann Mendoza, founder of, told Fox & Friends on Monday that she’ll be at the border in Arizona over the weekend to highlight an issue that’s hit close to home. Mendoza’s son, a police officer, was killed in a car crash by an intoxicated illegal immigrant with a criminal record in 2014.

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Mendoza praised President Trump’s efforts to dissuade the migrant caravans and crack down on illegal immigration, and called out politicians and activists working to prevent him from fulfilling his promise to secure the border.

“Red-blooded Americans are sick and tired of seeing this happen,” she said. “We elected this man into office to make the changes that he promised, and this is what we want to have done. We want our borders closed. We need to know who’s coming into our country.”

“Thank goodness we have a president who is standing up to it,” Mendoza said.

The angel mother blamed the caravans on lax immigration laws that send the message “America’s borders are open and we’re welcoming anybody and everybody,” as well as the lack of any significant physical barrier to entering the country.

“It is barb wire fencing and Normandy fencing and that’s all we have,” she told Fox & Friends. “It’s frightening to see what our southern border is and knowing that these amount of people are headed our way every year.”