Georgia voters better back Stacey Abrams — or else.

Photos of several armed members of the New Black Pathers made the rounds on social media on Sunday.

Abrams’ opponent, Brian Kemp, shared one image showing several men, some holding Stacey Abrams signs and others holding rifles outside a pawn shop and Family Dollar.

“How radical is my opponent? Look at who is backing her,” Kemp tweeted.

“The New Black Panther Party is ‘a racist…antisemitic organization whose leaders have encouraged violence against whites, Jews, & law enforcement’ RT if you agree that Abrams & the Black Panthers are TOO EXTREME for GA!”

Shannon Burke attempted to alert Atlanta media, saying the “New Black Panthers in town to suppress the white vote!”


Here’s the original Facebook post by the Atlanta Chapter of the New Black Panther Party:

What would the mainstream media’s reaction be if armed men were rallying for Brian Kemp?

In 2008, members of the New Black Panthers claimed to be “security” at a Philadelphia polling location.