Rep. Maxine Waters is known for losing her temper, and apparently that extends to people who work for her.

In a video clip tweeted on Sunday night by a woman named Suzanne Armstrong, a volunteer for Waters reportedly threatened to get a constituents license plate number after the constituent had a disagreement with Waters.

Rather than allow two people to disagree, it appears that Waters’ volunteer immediately jumped into threatening to get the constituents personal information.

“You want to say that again,” Armstrong can be heard asking a man, who she alleges is a volunteer for Waters’ campaign.

“You’re going to get my license number when I leave?” she asks. “What does that mean?”

“You’re a Trump-type and you’re going to get my license number?” she continued to ask, with the man looking all over the place and not answering her questions while she films the exchange.

Kyle Morris tweeted additional clips of the exchange, where Waters herself comes strolling in and defends her volunteer.

“He’s threatening me, telling me he’s going to get my license plate number,” Armstrong says directly to Waters in a parking lot.

“No, no,” Waters responds. “But I don’t think so.”

“Oh yes he did,” the woman shot back.

“He’s just a volunteer,” Waters said, defending the man when she didn’t appear to be anywhere near the original confrontation. “We love you, sweetheart,” Waters appears to say to the volunteer.

“Volunteers are very important,” Armstrong said after Waters had defended the man, who calling the California Democrat “Auntie.”

Waters told the woman to “go home,” and ignore the incident, despite being threatened.

In a second video clip uploaded by Morris, which came from Armstrong, Waters trashed Trump and several of this major ideas and proposals.

After calling Tuesday’s election important, Waters claimed she going to fight for social security.

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“I want lower taxes. I want the wall built,” Armstrong says, with Waters interrupting her by saying, “We have difference of opinions.”

“I don’t want sanctuary cities,” Armstrong added.

Waters continued to argue she’s fighting for social security and said she has no plans to support Trump’s proposed border wall.

Waters has a long history of making bizarre and controversial claims.

Last week, the California congresswoman told a group of constituents that Democrats plan to use chairmanships on committees if they win back control of the U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday.

Waters made it clear she has some personal scores to settle, raising serious questions about governance by retribution.

“I have not forgotten that you undermined our communities,” Water said, acting as if she is a preacher.

“What I am going to do to you is fair. I’m going to do to you what you did to us,” she continued, waving her fingers as the audience applauded.

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In October, the 80-year-old Democrat suffered a brain glitch while attacking President Donald Trump and claimed Republicans want to take away Social Security from seniors in the country.

“And Social Security, Medicare and Medi-Cal are very important and [Mitch] McConnell is already talking about cutting these very, very…” Waters said, before struggling, then shouted “programs!”

In September, Waters vowed to “knock off” Trump and “go after” Vice President Mike Pence.

“No, I don’t like him. Yes, I have worked against him. No, I didn’t go to his inauguration. No, I didn’t go to his State of the Union. No, I do not go to the White House. No, I do not engage with him,” Waters told a crowd.

“All I want for him and about him is to be impeached and get him out of the White House!” she yelled.

She then dismissed criticism that if Trump is removed from office, Pence would take over.

“Knock off the first one, and then go after the second one,” she said.

Prior to that, Waters urged supporters to publicly harass and confront Trump administration officials when they are in public.