Make no mistake: The midterm elections are all about Donald Trump.

So if you want to protect the President, you better get out and vote.

Maxine Waters was campaigning in Harbor City, California on Saturday when a voter told her he already cast his ballot for her.

“We’re dealing with a lot,” she said.

“We’ve never seen the likes of what’s going on in this country with this man,” she said, referring, of course, to Trump.

“It is absolutely sickening,” she continued, “and so, if we’re strong in the midterm, we can get him out in 2020.

“You know, I want him impeached if I can just get them to follow me,” she said of her Democrat colleagues who may soon have that power.

“I want him impeached,” she said, as a woman echoed the sentiment.

“That’s right, I want him out,” Waters said.

Impeachment has been a popular theme for Waters.

The California Congresswoman went after the president while accepting an award from the Stonewall Young Democrats in September.

At one point in the 20-minute speech, she bragged about threatening Trump supporters.

Speaking about Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s apology to Judge Brett Kavanaugh for the dozens of people interrupting his confirmation hearing this week, Waters said, “We don’t ask permission to protest. We protest,” triggering cheers.

“When we understand that we have to make America hear us and see us, and understand that we all have something to say,” she said, before adding she was going to give Feinstein a piece of her mind.

Waters went on to boast about when she urged her supporters to find Trump administration officials and harass them.

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“There are those who said we lacked civility when I got up and talked about the President’s Cabinet, and I said if you see them anywhere, if you see them at a restaurant, if you see them in a department store, even at a gasoline station, just tell them you’re not welcome here or anywhere,” she said to wild cheers.

“And so, it frightened a lot of people, and of course the lying president said that I had threatened all of his constituents,” Waters said.

“I did not threaten his constituents, his supporters. I do that all the time, but I didn’t do it that time,” she said.

Speaking about the Stonewall group, Waters said, “When I compare what you’re doing with what we have in Washington, D.C., in the highest office in the land, I wake up in the middle of the night and all I can think about is I’m gonna get him.

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“I’m gonna get him. I’m gonna get him,” she repeated.

“I’m in this fight and I’m not gonna move,” she told the crowd. “And, as you know, there’s a difference in how some of our leadership talk about how we should handle all of this.

“They say, ‘Maxine, please don’t say impeachment anymore.’

“And when they say that, I say impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment,” she said to applause.

Waters told the crowd she won’t stop with Trump.

“I had a conversation here today with someone asked, ‘Well, what about Pence? If you are able to impeach, Pence will be worse,'” she recollected.

“Well, I said, ‘Look, one at a time.’

“You knock one down, one at a time,” she said.

“You knock one down, and we’ll be ready for Pence. We’ll get him, too,” she vowed.