With speculation rife that she’s gearing up for a third presidential run, Hillary Clinton is trying everything to help get people excited about her.

Appearing in a video on Monday for a group called “Run for Something,” Clinton encouraged Americans to run for public office so that they could be the voice for their dog and cat.

“Hey, this is Hillary Clinton coming to you on a very important day,” Clinton said, weirdly leaning in closer toward the camera.

“Last Tuesday on Election Day, you voted, you got your sticker, you posted it on Instagram, and you felt great about doing your civic duty,” she added, desperately trying to sound hip and relevant.

“But, today is national run for office day, and I’m here to ask you to think about running for office,” Clinton continued.

Apparently believing pets have political affiliations, Clinton then told people to vote and run for office so they can be the voice for their dog and cat.

“There is no better way to make an impact. Be the voice for your neighbors, your family, your kids, even your dog or your cat,” Clinton said. “Take it from me, it’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it.”

“You know what’s not working in your community and you know what needs to be improved. So don’t just go to the polls – consider being on the ballot. And the folks at Run for Something can help you,” she concluded, sounding more like a worker at Petco than the former first lady.

Clinton’s bizarre video came just days after she made eyebrow raising remarks about possibly running for president in 2020.

While speaking at the Glamour Women of the Year awards, Clinton — who wore a massive dark coat that Darth Vader would probably love — encouraged “not so young women” to run for public office.

Perhaps talking about herself and her never-ending presidential ambitions, Clinton told the crowd: “I think people got a burst of energy from the victories from last week.”

“I will be sure to continue to encourage a lot of you and encourage particularly young women and maybe not so young women, everyone who wants to see positive change to go ahead, get involved, and maybe even run for office. And may the best candidates win,” she added.

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Maybe Clinton was referring to herself, which wouldn’t be beyond the pale given she will be 73-years-old on Election Day in 2020.

During a Q&A last month with Recode’s Kara Swisher, Clinton was asked about a potential third try and becoming the president.

Clinton bizarrely responded by saying she would like to be president.

“We’re going to talk about 2020 in a minute — do you want to run again?” Swisher asked.

“No,” Clinton responded, but then changed her tune when members of the audience groaned.

“Well, I— well, I’d like to be president,” Clinton said, bursting into a bizarre cackling laugh.

Clinton, who also all but guaranteed that she would win the 2016 election, made another prediction for 2020: “Look, I think, hopefully, when we have a Democrat in the Oval Office in January of 2021, there’s going to be so much work to be done.”