House Minority Nancy Pelosi is fighting to become the next Speaker of the House, and she’s not thrilled about the “sexist” men who don’t support her.

During her news conference on Thursday, Pelosi pointed out that 14 of the 17 Democrat members who signed a letter in opposition to her bid for Speaker are men.

After rambling for roughly 14 minutes about how she’s the “best person” for the job and that she’s excited about all of the women that were elected into Congress, the California Democrat then tore into the men who are opposing her quest for the speakership.

Pelosi was asked about playing the “gender card” and if she believes she’s being maligned for being a woman.

“Most people don’t even know who I am. I’m an Italian American grandmother with lots of energy,” she said, donning a creepy smirk while making the bizarre claim.

“I’m here to do what’s right for the country, not my family,” Pelosi rambled, looking visibly uncomfortable. “They’re fine.”

Pelosi then referenced a letter signed by 17 Democrats who are opposing her quest for speakership, and implied the men opposing her are only doing so because she’s a woman.

“I think of the 17, it’s something like, uh..” she paused, fumbling with papers on the podium while she regained her thought. “Fourteen are men.”

“If in fact there is any misogyny involved in it, it’s their problem, not mine,” Pelosi said.

Earlier in the news conference, Pelosi angrily skipped over two reporters who asked her questions about her bid for the speakership being in jeopardy.

After telling CNN’s Manu Raju to “spit it out,” referring to his question, and moving on from another reporter who asked about the letter, Pelosi said she didn’t expect to get a single vote from Republicans.

“Oh, please, no, never,” Pelosi said, making a hissing noise with her mouth when asked if she would consider Republican help to win the votes.

In a bizarre move, a staffer then brought Pelosi a note while she was still speaking. After reading it, she came back to the CNN reporter to answer his question.

Perhaps afraid to upset CNN, Pelosi then addressed Raju’s question about whether she is confident she has the 218 needed votes to become Speaker of the House.

After rambling about farm bills, #MeToo legislation, and the “Mueller language,” the California Democrat counted to seven out loud while pointing at reporters as if she had a quota to meet before she could leave.