At one point she slowly closed her eyes, as if to reset her brain amid the verbal calamity.

Moments later, she seemed to toy with the man as he crossed his words.

U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters appeared dazed and amused at the Capitol on Wednesday as a reporter gleefully peppered the 80-year-old career politician with bungled questions about her presumed chairmanship of the House Financial Services Committee.

A reporter with the “Capitol Intel Group” caught up with Waters in a hallway and rode along in an elevator with the congresswoman and an aide while recording the bizarre encounter “using CI Glass,” whatever that is.

Waters and the aide greeted the reporter with amusement.

“There he is!” they both said as the man immediately launched into his spiel.

“We’re getting Capital Bank on the Community Reinvestment Act. The stuff is making waves. Our story has been around the world,” the reporter said.

“Is that right?” Waters replied.

“It’s really important because people realize that like J.P. Morgan, who was doing (inaudible) investments on the black community are making more money while, you know …,” the reporter continued, stopping in front of the elevator.

Waters closed her eyes for several seconds mid-sentence, then opened wide-eyed and shot a look to her aide, who cut the reporter off.

The goofy guy then followed Waters inside, continuing the odd rant couched as an interview.

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“I’m doing a story on your historic win. On being the next chairman of the National Services,” he said.

“Chairman of the …,” Waters replied with a puzzled look.

The reporter filled in the blank with the correct reference. “Of the Financial Services Committee,” he said.

“Oh, oh, ok,” Waters said, looking away with a smirk.

“This is so historic. You have all the banks. Bank of America, Goldman Sachs,” the reporter said.

“That’s right, that’s right,” Waters shot back as they exited the elevator, the reporter scurrying behind as she strutted the marble-lined hallway. “We have all of Wall Street.

“And, um, we have a chance to have some good open discussions and find out what we can do to better serve the American people,” Waters said.

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“So … getting home ownership, getting the loans out, fairness in lending, access to capital, and you will be demanding this directly from David Solomon of Goldman Sachs, Brian Moynihan of Bank of America,” the reporter said.

“Oh, my goodness,” Waters said as she dashed into an office, “just the thought of that is something to talk about.”

The strange exchange isn’t the first time things have gotten ugly with Waters in the Capitol elevator.

In June, Waters got into a kerfuffle with Big League Politics’ Laura Loomer as she confronted the congresswoman about encouraging her followers to harass the Trump administration in public.

In that exchange, Waters managed to ditch the conservative reporter by ducking into a “Members Only” elevator, though not before waiving papers, pushing the camera and sticking her tongue out to taunt Loomer, The American Mirror reported.