The kickoff of the Evening With The Clintons tour is only 11 days away, and a review of ticket availability shows those who actually paid to go to the event will have a lot of elbow room.

As of Friday morning, 615 floor tickets have been sold, out of 1,415 available at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ontario. That’s about 43 percent of capacity.

The sides of the arena are even more blue, indicating available seats.

To the left of the stage, there are significant amounts of seats still available. The lighter blue dots indicate seats that are available for a special 2-for-1 deal.

In these sections — which are similar to those on the opposite side of the arena — are only about 40 percent filled.

A count of the areas shows 1,226 seats are in them, while 490 tickets have been sold. Seats at the end of the arena — furthest from the stage — are selling at higher percentages.

315 tickets are currently listed on StubHub for the Toronoto show, so as of this moment, those seats were purchased, but are unfilled, further depressing the actual interest in shelling out big bucks to see the Clintons.

The sales problem isn’t plaguing the Clintons in America’s Hat.

Texans seem less than enthused about seeing the failed presidential candidate and her husband.

There is a blue wave of empty seats for the show on December 4th at the Smart Financial Centre in Sugar Land, Texas. The pink dots are seats available for resale.

StubHub shows 928 seats available from resellers, raising the prospect that very few may actually be planning to attend.

Earlier this week, a source told The American Mirror the future of the tour may be in doubt because of the lack of sales, and that it has been canceled. No public statement has been made to that effect.