Rep. Nancy Pelosi was so overjoyed on Wednesday that she could hardly contain her face spasms.

Democrats officially nominated Pelosi to become Speaker, setting up a full vote on the House floor in early January.

The California Democrat was able to secure the support of her fellow House Democrats, but she had a hard time verbalizing her thoughts when addressing the media.

“We had a most unifying session,” Pelosi began, slurring her words.

“Our diversity is our strength but our unity is our power,” she continued, motioning her hands as if she needed help finishing her thought. “Let us just take a moment to dwell on the fact that we are in the majority.”

The 79-year-old lawmaker then addressed her critics, and weirdly smirked into the camera when discussing Democrats taking back control of the House.

“Are there dissenters? Yes. But I expect to have a powerful vote as we go forward,” she said.

She then feverishly turned her head from left to right while scanning the entire room.

“In the course of these last days,” she began before correcting herself. “Weeks… it has been my privilege to listen to new members, listen to our members who have been here a while, hear their views about how we go forward.”

“I’m talking about sports…scores of members of Congress who just gave me a vote, are giving me a vote of confidence,” Pelosi said, getting her words tangled up.

“That is where our focus is. Are there dissenters? Yes, but I expect to have a powerful vote as we go forward,” the Democrat said, repeating herself.

Sadly, Pelosi has a long history of making embarrassing gaffes.

While making a “surprise” appearance at the NGLCC’s National Dinner Awards Gala, the Democrat suffered multiple face spasms and slurred her words during a brief 10-minute speech.

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“The American people elected a Democratic majority,” Pelosi said, awkwardly motioning to the crowd for applause.

Within the first minute of her speech, Pelosi slurred almost every single word she said.

“Thank you for all of your work to elevate… to elevate,” she said, repeating herself while cracking a weird smile to the crowd.

Midway through her speech, Pelosi claimed people come up to her “all the time” and claim that supporting LGBTQ issues is easy because people from “San Francisco are so tolerant.”

“Tolerant,” she shouted with a frozen face. “Tolerant? That’s a condescending word to me.”

“Do not use that word,” the California Democrat lectured, acting as if she is word police.

Earlier this month, she also had a hard time struggled to piece together coherent sentences while accusing her male colleagues of “sexism.”

During her news conference on Thursday, Pelosi pointed out that 14 of the 17 Democrat members who signed a letter in opposition to her bid for Speaker are men.

After rambling for roughly 14 minutes about how she’s the “best person” for the job and that she’s excited about all of the women that were elected into Congress, the California Democrat then tore into the men who are opposing her quest for the speakership.

“Most people don’t even know who I am. I’m an Italian American grandmother with lots of energy,” she said, donning a creepy smirk while making the bizarre claim.

Pelosi then referenced a letter signed by 17 Democrats who are opposing her quest for speakership, and implied the men opposing her are only doing so because she’s a woman.

“I think of the 17, it’s something like, uh..” she paused, fumbling with papers on the podium while she regained her thought. “Fourteen are men.”

“If in fact there is any misogyny involved in it, it’s their problem, not mine,” Pelosi said.

After rambling about farm bills, #MeToo legislation, and the “Mueller language,” the California Democrat counted to seven out loud while pointing at reporters as if she had a quota to meet before she could leave.