The Central American caravan seeking entrance to America has been wreaking havoc on Tijuana, Mexico, and the mayor of that town is now looking for justice.

Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum tells Fox News he has a “humanitarian crisis” in his town and blames the organizers from outside his community.

“This person who says he’s from Pueblo Sin Fronteras, he say that he’s one of the leaders of the caravan, well why don’t the federal police say, ‘Hey, hey, come over here,'” he said Friday with a laugh, saying they should be charged with “putting people at risk.”

He added, “Let’s take care of him in a legally way.”

Gastelum also blames the president of Honduras, saying he never should have allowed the migrants to cross illegally into Mexico.

“Get yourself back to work, do things right,” he said.

Gastelum also has a message for Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

“It’s a problem he must solve as soon as he gets into office,” he said.

Pueblo Sin Fronteras is a non-profit based in Chicago, Illinois.

“Emma Lozano, a left-wing activist and pastor at the Lincoln United Methodist Church in Chicago, Illinois, is listed as executive director,” according to Influence Watch.