Hirono’s response was to insult Americans and claim that Democrats sometimes struggle to connect with all voters because they are just so much more intelligent.

“I wish I had the answer to that because one of the things that we Democrats have a really hard time is connecting to people’s hearts instead of here. We’re really good are showing all the information that touch people here but not here,” Hirono said.

The Hawaii Democrat then said she’s been telling her colleagues on their luxuries retreats that they need to find ways to reach regular, hard-working Americans.

“And I have been saying in all of our Senate Democratic retreats that we need to speak to the heart, not in a manipulative way, not in a way that brings forth everybody’s fears and resentments, but truly to speak to the hearts, so that people know that we’re actually on their side,” she added.

“We have a really hard time doing that and one of the reasons that was [inaudible] to me know at one of our retreats was that we Democrats know so much, that is true. And we have to kind of tell everybody how smart we are, and so we have a tendency to to be very left brain and we think of this, really? That is not how people make decisions,” Hirono said.

Without a hint of self-awareness, Hirono channeled her inner-Hillary Clinton and insulted Americans for apparently not being as smart as Democrats.