MSNBC panelists have come to the astute conclusion that President Donald Trump wasn’t actually elected — at least not “democratically.”

During an off-the-rails segment Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Hardball” with host Chris Matthews, two separate panelists claimed that Trump’s hush money payments in 2016 to adult film star Stormy Daniels and former Playboy model Karen McDougal “robbed the American people of their right to vote.”

Trump appears to have paid both women in late 2016 as part of a nondisclosure agreement. As part of the deal, both Daniels and McDougal were reportedly paid to remain quiet about alleged affairs they had with Trump over a decade ago.

They also claimed, without any push back from the host, that Trump was not a “democratically elected” as president because of the payments and alleged collusion with Russia.

Legal analyst Glenn Kirschner went first by saying Trump should be “held accountable” because he “robbed the American people of their right to vote — of full value of their vote.”

Matthews then launched into his own anti-Trump diatribe and conjured the theory that Trump could be encouraging violence across the country.

“Donald Trump says that if he’s impeached over something like this, there will be a revolt. Now, I don’t know what metaphor level we take this,” Matthews said.

“Does he mean pitchforks coming into Washington? Does he mean tanks have to be ready to meet the people? When he says a revolt, now you can say that’s stirring up real trouble in this country, what do you make of it?” he added, with his panelists nodding in agreement that the president was likely pushing for violence.

Matthews then kicked it over to network contributor Natasha Bertrand, who called it a “dog whistle,” a term many on the left use to imply the president is racist.

“It sounds like a dog whistle….appealing to his supporters saying, look, if I get impeached, it’s not legitimate but a move by the deep state to remove me,” she said.

She appeared to be suggesting that Trump supporters aren’t aware of the facts and blindly follow the president no matter what he does or says.

She then waded into conspiracy theory territory, arguing that “we’re learning now that” Trump my not be a “democratically elected leader” since “he severely limited voters’ knowledge during the election and may or may not have worked with the Russians, but I think that it was definitely a signal to his base saying this is what you guys should do.”

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Matthews interjected by suggesting voters in Pennsylvania may have voted for Hillary Clinton instead had they known about Daniels and McDougal.

At this point, the segment had gotten so far off topic and away from reality that former federal prosecutor Elliot Williams interjected and said he didn’t think that theory had much merit.

The segment — as wild and bizarre as it was — illustrates how Democrats have shifted their talking points.

For nearly two years, it was about alleged “Russia collusion.” After no evidence to support that claim, now the left wants Trump impeached for supposed campaign finance violations with his payments to Daniels and McDougal.

As reported by Politico in 2013, “President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign was fined $375,000 by the Federal Election Commission for campaign reporting violations — one of the largest fees ever levied against a presidential campaign.”

Obama was hit with arguably the largest fees ever levied against a presidential campaign for violations, and not a single person went to jail.

When Obama was found guilty of breaking campaign finance laws, it was no problem.

When Trump is accused of the same thing, Democrats say he’s an illegitimate president, claim he should be impeached from office, and face jail time.