Democrats have hit a new low with their anti-Trump talking points.

While appearing on MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Oregon, claimed that “trauma is being inflicted” on migrant children in shelters “as part of a political strategy, to hurt children deliberately as part of a political strategy” by the Trump administration.

Merkley went on to blame the Trump administration for more migrants being placed in detention facilities.

Apparently, the Democrat wants illegal aliens to be able to freely enter the country and then stay without any consequences.

“And we’re told that number is now 15,000 children. And think of that, 15,000 children in child prisons, Trump administration child prisons across America. And they are planning to add a couple more,” he said, falsely blaming the president for illegals breaking the law to enter the country.

Merkley, without any push back from host Joy Reid, claimed Trump is throwing migrant children in “prisons” and “internment camps.”

“And so, this is — this system of locking children up behind the barbed wire…don’t call them anything other than child prisons or internment camps. That’s what’s going on here. And we’re told that there are children who have been here three, four, five, even six months long. And the trauma is being inflicted as part of a political strategy, to hurt children deliberately as part of a political strategy,” he added.

Merkley accusing the Trump administration — who has been using the same immigration policies as previous administrations — of putting migrant children in “prisons” and “internment camps” came after he made mind-boggling comments about the border wall.

During a segment last Friday on CNN, Merkley said he opposes a border wall between the United States and Mexico because people can’t see through it.

Merkley was asked why Democrats previously supported border barriers and fencing, but oppose it now when President Trump is asking for it.

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“How is what President Trump is asking for different from what Congress wanted in 2006 that then-Senator Barack Obama supported, Hillary Clinton supported, Nancy Pelosi supported, which was fencing. Call it fencing, call it a wall. Why do we object, meaning you guys, object to a border wall when border fencing was considered by Democrats to be successful then?” Camerota asked.

“Yeah, border security, including fencing, is — I’ve been to the border, I’ve seen the fencing, you can see through it,” he claimed, offering arguably the weakest excuse yet for why Democrats won’t support the wall.

Merkley opposes a wall because people can’t see through it and claimed the Trump administration is throwing migrants in “internment camps.”