Another day, another train wreck of a news conference from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

While speaking to the media on Thursday, Pelosi had trouble verbalizing her thoughts, suffered what looked like a mouth glitch, and awkwardly stared at reporters while taking long, dramatic pauses when attempting to answer questions.

One of Pelosi’s worst gaffes came when she was asked about reports that President Donald Trump called for an immediate meeting with House Republicans to discuss moving forward with a government spending bill that included $5 billion for border security.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders released a statement saying Trump wasn’t happy with a continuing resolution that would keep the government open until February 2019 and only allocate $1.6 billion for wall funding.

“At this moment, the President does not want to go further without border security, which includes steel slats or a wall,” Sanders said. “The President is continuing to weigh his options.”

The government is set to partially shut down tomorrow if some sort spending bill is not passed. Trump wants $5 billion in border wall funding and Democrats are only offering $1.6 billion, which they claim is a “generous offer.”

When asked about whether she would support a deal that increased the funding for the wall, Pelosi struggled mightily to get through a single sentence.

“Well, uh.. well,” Pelsoi began, awkwardly waving her hand in the air. “Depends on what they [Republicans] have to say, but not wall funding.”

“I think we’ve made that clear…it’s not clear?” Pelosi said, suffering a brain glitch and weirdly asking the reporter if others are aware of her position on the issue.

Pelosi was then asked if she has gotten any assurances from the White House or the president about signing the spending resolution.

The reporter who asked the question was sitting toward Pelosi’s left side, but when responding, Pelosi bizarrely looked all the way to the right, toward the complete opposite side of the room.

After saying Trump has never given anyone assurances on anything, the California Democrat suffered an embarrassing mouth twitch when claiming Republicans don’t have the votes to pass any resolution without Democratic support.

“They have a lot of people who are missing, who are absent here. They never did have the votes for their wall,” she said, before her lips and mouth turned completely sideways while she made a bizarre facial expression.