Liberals will do anything to keep the liberal Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court.

When news broke that the elderly Ginsburg had undergone a procedure to remove cancerous nodules from her left lung, supporters stepped up to offer lungs and other organs — and some even their own lives — to ensure a progressive vote on the court.

“I am ready to donate my organs,” Maziar M. announced.

“Do you need lungs RBG take my lungs I don’t need lungs PLEASE TAKE MY LUNGS,” an apparent frantic Patti Murin tweeted.

The activists at TruBlu Politics are willing to sacrifice themselves in the name of politics.

“We did an office poll and decided we will donate any organs RBG requires!” they wrote.

“Can justice ruth bader ginsburg just please be healthy!!!!!” Jordyn Abrams wrote. “I will seriously give her any of my organs or blood (i don’t care).”

Many, many others shared similar sentiments online.

Ginsburg recently suffered a fall, breaking ribs. The cancer on her lungs was reportedly found at that time.

But last week, Ginsburg told the public she was “fine.”

“It’s is fine, thank you,” she responded when asked about her health, adding her ribs “are almost repaired,” she said, according to CNN.

Since this was apparently more fake news, it’s not clear if CNN will clarify its report.