CNN is jumping to the defense of witches everywhere, as they, too, are apparently being wronged by President Trump.

The “news” network recently ran a segment on those who dabble in the occult and their objection to Trump’s use of the phrase “witch hunt” when he describes the never-ending investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller.

CNN’s Jeanne Moos produced a two-minute segment and interviewed two witches who denounced Trump and his popular phrase.

Amanda Yates Garcia, a woman who calls herself the “Oracle of LA” tells CNN, “There’s a lot to be offended by by Donald Trump, but I think his use of the word ‘witch hunt’ is very low on that list of priorities for most witches, but nevertheless, it does demonstrate his ignorance as usual.”

David Salisbury, author of the book “Witchcraft Activism,” which CNN conveniently plugged, said the President’s term, “Really disgraceful,” noting, “thousands of people were executed in Europe on suspicion of witchcraft.”

“If the President stops saying ‘witch hunt,'” CNN reported, “he’d have to hunt for a new term,” airing a tweet from a random person who proposed “wild goose chase.”

But that might offend geese.

CNN then worked in a losing Republican Senate candidate who once told voters she wasn’t a witch.

Is it any wonder Trump calls CNN “fake news”?