Rep. Nancy Pelosi has talked a big game about “bipartisanship” and unifying the country, but she suffered a total meltdown that signifies more chaos is coming to Washington.

During an interview Thursday with TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie, Pelosi opened the door to impeachment, claimed President Donald Trump doesn’t know Hawaii is part of the United States, and defended her expensive vacation over Christmas break while part of the federal government is shutdown.

“The president took a swipe, I think, as recently as today saying that you went on vacation to Hawaii during the shutdown. Now, you had said before the shutdown that he was being quite cavalier and maybe the shutdown will give him more time to golf, but in the end it was you that took a holiday,” Guthrie said.

“I observed the Christmas holiday for a few days in Hawaii. I cut in half the time I would have had with my family,” Pelosi responded, playing up the theatrics because she cut her vacation a few days short.

“Is that a cheap shot?” Guthrie asked.

“It’s not important. It’s totally unimportant, but the fact is we all stood ready and told our members we’ll have 24 hours notice for all of us to be where we need to be,” Pelosi added.

“And the president may not know this, but Hawaii is part of the United States of America. Maybe he doesn’t realize that. I don’t know where the president observed the religious holiday of Christmas,” she said.

Pelosi’s insult makes no sense.

She attempted to justify her vacation over Christmastime to a Hawaii resort that charges up to $10,000 a night for presidential suites by claiming Trump doesn’t go to church or know that Hawaii is part of the United States.

While Trump didn’t leave Washington, D.C, for Christmas and has been pleading with Democrats to strike a deal for wall funding and to reopen the government, Pelosi was vacationing at The Fairmont Orchid, a 5-star resort on Hawaii’s Big Island.

A standard room at the luxury resort starts at just shy of $1,000 per night and accommodation can cost up to $10,000 per night for the presidential suite.

Guthrie hardly pressed Pelosi on why she insulted Trump or why she claimed to be working for the American people when she fled to Hawaii rather than working with the president.

Later in the interview, Pelosi also flirted with the idea that Trump can be indicted.

“Do you believe the special counsel should honor and observe the Department of Justice guidance that states a sitting president cannot be indicted?” Guthrie asked.

“No, I mean I don’t think — I do not think that that is conclusive. No, I do not,” she said, entertaining the idea that Trump could be indicted while in office.

With no self-awareness at all, Pelosi then claimed that Democrats will be “transparent, bipartisan and unifying.”