MSNBC wants President Donald Trump impeached because he trolled House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and cancelled her trip 30 minutes before she was scheduled to leave.

During a segment Thursday on her MSNBC show, Tur and a Democratic guest began discussing Trump sending a letter to Pelosi demanding that she cancel her upcoming trip to Europe and the Middle East.

Tur lost her mind over the entire ordeal and asked “what more does the House need” to debate his fitness for office and impeachment?

“She’s second in line to the presidency,” Tur said with a distorted look on her face, adding, “Donald Trump has no idea what he’s doing.”

Tur then interviewed Rep. Dan Kildee, D-Mich., and asked him about The Atlantic’s new cover story calling for Trump’s impeachment.

Tur read a passage from the story and explained that the liberal authors were calling on Congress to debate Trump’s fitness for office and consider impeachment.

“I don’t know if it’ll come to that, because there’s so much riding on the investigation that Mr. [Robert] Mueller is completing—” Kildee started, before Tur interrupted.

“Is it all about the investigation though?” she asked. “Let’s talk about his conduct in office, the way he speaks about people and targets individual Americans. He’s intimidating witnesses. He’s calling African nations s-hole countries. He’s blowing up alliances. He’s taking the notes away from the interpreter. The list goes on and on and on. What more does the House need in order to debate fitness for office?”

Tur’s outburst and apparent endorsement of impeaching Trump was largely in response to him cancelling Pelosi’s trip.

Trump’s letter — which came one day after Pelosi threatened to postpone the State of the Union address until the government is reopened — used similar language and phrases, which was likely aimed at getting back at the House Speaker for her stunt.

“Due to the Shutdown, I am sorry to inform you that your trip to Brussels, Egypt, and Afghanistan has been postponed,” he wrote, informing the Speaker that she could “reschedule” the week-long trip abroad when the shutdown was over.

“I also feel that, during this period, it would be better if you were in Washington negotiating with me and joining the strong border security movement to end the shutdown,” he wrote.

Trump also trolled Pelosi by telling her could still make the trip by flying on commercial flights instead of a private jet.

“Obviously, if you would like to make your journey by flying commercial, that would certainly be your prerogative,” he said.

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This, according to Tur’s logic, is grounds for launching impeachment proceedings and considering removing a sitting president.

The president has held numerous working lunches and meetings with congressional leaders to find a solution to reopen the government and provide funding for the border wall between the United States and Mexico.

Democrats have refused to even give $1 for the wall. In fact, over 30 Democrats spent last weekend vacationing in Puerto Rico and the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives was scheduled to take an 11-day “break” but cancelled after outrage grew on social media.

Pelosi has also suggested paving roads near the borders so illegal aliens can enter the country and mowing the grass to secure the border.

Of course, Tur didn’t mention any of that, which isn’t surprising given she often peddles liberal talking points on her show.

This is also the same left-wing media host who argued last week that Trump’s wall was not worth it because it could be destroyed by a mythical dragon.