Foul-mouth Michigan Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib recently gathered with a mob of angry socialists to “demand justice” at the North American International Auto Show’s annual Charity Preview event.

“Yesterday, over 300 beautiful activists – including the heroic Rep @RashidaTalib – descended on the Auto Show Prom to deliver a message: We demand justice for workers, our communities, and our planet, and we’re not done yet,” the Detroit faction of the Democratic Socialists of America posted to Twitter.

The Detroit DSA also included a video and the hashtags #seizeGM, #expectus, #NAIAS and #GreenNewDeal.

The video shows a mob of protestors circling in front of the Cabo Center during the event as music they brought with them blasted through downtown and reverberated off the building. There were babies, folks playing the trumpet and drums, police sirens and a lot of picket signs.

Some of them read “Green Power to the People,” “Coalition for Human Rights for Peace and Justice,” “Poletown to the People,” “Global Solidarity Beats Global Greed,” and others aimed at General Motors’ recent decision to close specific plants.

Another video captured Talib’s comments at the Auto Show event, which raised millions for area children’s charities.

“We gave you so much. So much of our sweat and tears and our public dollars in our bailout that you will sit there and abandon us, abandon us that we have children we have to send to school,” she yelled into a megaphone, “abandon us that we have mortgages we have to pay. This is not right.

“So while you’re in there in your bourgeois dresses, drinking the champagne, understand … we are here not alone with the hometown workers, we’re also here to push back against the shutdown of our government,” she continued. “When we start putting the people last, that is exactly what happens.

“What we see is the fact that we constantly have to fight,” Talib went on, her voice cracking. “We have to fight for our voice.”

Talib said she’s already tired after only about a month on the job. Talib was elected in 2018 to represent west Detroit and its suburbs, though the government has not been open since she was sworn into office earlier this month.

Her only notable accomplishment thus far as a lawmaker was to stir controversy when she vowed to “impeach the mother**ker” during a celebration following her swearing in ceremony.

“I’m tired,” she told the socialist mob in front of the Cabo on Friday. “I don’t know about you, but I’ve only been there three weeks but man is it broken. It’s broken when we continue to decrease the corporate tax, for those in the top 2 percent.

“When we constantly see that the CEOs make 200, 300, 400 times more than that worker, guess who subsidizes it? We do. Because they have to go get food assistance, they have to go get health insurance. Who pays for it? We do,” Talib preached. “I’m tired. I’m tired of us allowing the CEOs to control our legislature, control our congress, control the decisions that are made that are hurting people every single day.”

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“So we’re here to stand in solidarity for every single worker … that continues to be left behind. Let’s not forget what happened to Poletown. Let’s not forget every single person that gave up so much for that plant in Hamtramck to be built.”

Much of the protest centered on GM’s recently announced plan to close its plant in Hamtramck and several others by the end of 2019 to shift to producing more SUVs, a response to customer demand.

Talib and the socialist mob in Detroit believe that because GM borrowed money from the federal government during the recession, the government should seize the plants.

“I am for accountability today,” Talib screamed. “If you leave, I want our money back. If you leave, I want our plant back. … Because that’s what we deserve.”

President Barack Obama’s administration negotiated a series of loans and stock buys to keep the company and others afloat during the last global recession. GM repaid its $6.7 billion loan, with interest, five years ahead of schedule. The government lost money, however, on other aspects of the deal.

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The plant closures have raised the ire of folks on both sides of the aisle, including President Trump, but it was only liberals and socialists in the streets protesting the children’s charity event, where celebrities, politicians and common folks mingled for a black-tie soiree.

North American International Auto Show Chairman Bill Golling told The Detroit News the $400 a head party brought in “over $4 million” this year, and more than $121 million since 1976, to help the inner city kids in Talib’s district.

This year’s recipients included the Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeastern Michigan, Boys Hope Girl Hope Detroit, the Children’s Center, Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation, Detroit Auto Dealers Association Charitable Foundation Fund, Detroit PAL, Judson Center, and the March of Dimes Detroit, according to the news site.