House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was like a mother hen to America’s mayors on Wednesday, telling them when to clap for her.

After thanking a member of her audience, she said, “That’s an applause line! I’ll let you know.”

She followed through on her promise.

After claiming Democrats support “strong border security initiatives,” she said, “Do you want to— let’s hear it for border security!” as she held her hand up to call for a response.

Moments later, she called for applause from the bipartisan group for the Democrat majority in the House.

“The American people elected a House majority that would— that’s an applause line! Not for everybody maybe,” she said.

The House Speaker suffered several bizarre flubs during the appearance at The United States Conference of Mayors meeting.

“And we will strengthen our democracy by passing the Equality Act, that is an act to end discrimination against LG— LGTB community,” she said, messing up the acronym.

“There are two challenges, uh, well, actually three that I want to just close with and that is are— these are the f— these wh— here they are!” she said with a flustered laugh.

Suffering a brain freeze, Pelosi said, “We have to think in a very— dra— drastic way about this,” she told the mayors.

Wrapping up, she flubbed an attempt to connect with the audience.

“We must embrace innovation, inclusion, we just have to establish your motto that you have put forth here today,” she said, fumbling through her papers.

“We’re coming back to it here,” she continued, stalling and reading.

“You know it,” she said, hoping the audience would bail her out of the awkward moment.

“Infrastructure, inno-vution,” she said, botching “innovation,” “inclusion,” she said.