Does House Speaker Nancy Pelosi want America to think she’s the President?

Pelosi is holding public bill signings in front of news cameras, an optic usually reserved for the President.

The latest example came Friday, when she publicly signed the continuing resolution to end the partial shutdown.

“Nancy Pelosi signs the CR to fully reopen the government for three weeks,” Fox News producer Jason Donner tweeted.

Fellow Fox News producer Char Pergram captured the moment Pelosi was preparing to sign the bill:

Breitbart notes Pelosi used 8 pens to add her signature to the legislation — another move presidents use to hand out pens those legislators and supporters who help to pass a bill.

“… House Speaker Nancy Pelosi signed the bill with eight pens in a public ceremony and gave the pens as souvenirs to her House Democratic colleagues,” Breitbart reports.

ABC 33-40 even livestreamed Pelosi’s bill signing.

It’s not the first time the current House Speaker has done such a thing.

Earlier this month, she publicly signed a bill granting back pay to furloughed federal employees affected by the partial government shutdown.

The signing ceremonies may stem from Pelosi’s belief that she is an equal to the president.

In early January, she told the New York Times the House Speaker is equal to the President, according to the Constitution.

The Hill reported:

Newly-elected Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said in an interview published on Thursday that the Constitution considers her equal to President Trump.

When Pelosi was asked whether she considers herself equal to Trump, she said, “The Constitution does,” The New York Times reported.

Pelosi’s position as Speaker makes her the second in line for the presidency should something happen to Trump, after Vice President Pence, according to the Constitution.