Some are calling the situation a case of toxic femininity.

Others are suggesting it’s a prime example of female privilege.

Either way, Catholic University of America student Isabel O’Shaughnessy faces a misdemeanor sex abuse charge after she was recorded on video sexually assaulting a male reporter during the recent Women’s March in Washington, D.C.

The 21-year-old hasn’t had much to say about the Jan. 19 stunt since she turned herself in Wednesday, but the video pretty much speaks for itself.

“Here is the moment I was sexually assaulted by a #WomensMarch2019 protester. She laughed about it. The crowd cheered. The police did nothing,” Infowars reporter Owen Shroyer posted to Twitter on Jan. 21.

The video shows Shroyer in full Trump regalia – MAGA hat and scarf, dressed up in a suit – as he interviewed protestors with a camera crew in tow. Shroyer was in the midst of talking to a young man when O’Shaughnessy comes into the frame and grab’s Shroyer’s junk, telling him “if our president can grab a woman by the pussy, I can grab you by the balls.”

Shroyer clearly jumped when O’Shaughnessy manhandled his genitals, but he quickly regained his composure.

“She just grabbed my dick, is that sexual assault?” he asked, putting the microphone in O’Shaughnessy’s face.

“Yes,” she said.

“So you just sexually assaulted me?” Shroyer questioned.

“I just assaulted you,” O’Shaughnessy replied.

“Should you be arrested?” Shroyer continued.

“Arrest me,” the student said. “There are police officers right here.”

“So look at that,” Shroyer announced to the crowd. “Women have so much privilege she can sexually assault me and get away with it. If I did that to her, I’d get arrested.”

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Shroyer issued a statement about O’Shaughnessy’s arrest but did not identify her. He promised to follow through with the assault charge, which he described as a “political hate crime.”

“I hope this case becomes an example for other Trump supporters who have been physically and emotionally harmed unfairly for their politics without any action or follow up from law enforcement. I want the political hate crimes to stop being ignored,” Shroyer wrote.

Shroyer regularly covers liberal rallies and protests and it’s not the first time he’s been attacked. The difference between this case and others like it, he said, is the viral video of the assault is forcing law enforcement to take action.

“Personally, I pretty much endure something like this almost any time I go to an event with a Trump hat on or a Trump shirt on. I’ve been spit at, I’ve been swung at, I’ve had my microphone destroyed,” he said in a new video. “Yesterday there was an instance where some deranged former Hillary Clinton worker, at least that what he claims, walked up to me and literally bit my mic cover off my mic. Of course, the cops didn’t have any interest in doing anything about that.”

“There are a bunch of assaults that are happening against people that are Trump supporters,” he said. “I wish the police would do more.”

Information Liberation reports the incident received virtually no media coverage.

D.C. police spokesman Dustin Sternbeck told The Washington Post Shroyer reported the assault to police on Jan. 23, and prosecutors authorized the sex abuse charge after several days of investigation.

O’Shaughnessy told police she “inadvertently brushed up against” Shroyer and claimed he took her comments out of context in the “emotionally charged situation,” according to the news site.

Her first court date is March 14. Neither O’Shaughnessy nor her attorney returned the Post’s calls for comment.