Either the wait staff at hotels in Washington, D.C. and San Francisco should be demanding pundit contracts from CNN, or House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is making up stories for a lapdog beltway media to dutifully relay to the American people.

On Thursday, Pelosi told reporters a story about walking through the kitchen of a San Francisco hotel recently, and her conversation with a member of the staff.

“So I was walking through a kitchen, you know that’s usually how I go to events— I haven’t been in a hotel lobby in I don’t know how long, because we go through the garage to the kitchen and the this or that,” Pelosi told reporters.

“So it was on Martin Luther King Day in San Francisco going through the kitchen to go to the event for the breakfast and, um, one of the waiters, one of the people working in the kitchen said to me, ‘I have to tell you this, I have to tell you this. When the President says that the Mueller investigation is going on too long, you just say back to him, not as long as your tax audit, Mr. President.’

“I thought those were words of wisdom,” Pelosi said of the proposed zinger.

During a December 13, 2018 press briefing, she shared a very similar story.

“We go to the hotel, see the staff and thank them— the service staff, the busboys, that. One of them said to me, ‘Here’s some advice I’ll give you. When they ask about the President’s tax returns, and he says,’ um, um, when they talk about the Mueller— that was it. ‘When they talk about the Mueller’— this is a newcomer to America,” Pelosi continued, “in the back of the restaurant of the hotel restaurant, saying, ‘When the President says the Mueller investigation is going on too long, just tell them not as long as your audit, Mr. President.’

“Wisdom from the kitchen of the Willard Hotel,” Pelosi told reporters.

Will any outlet who took her stories at face value follow up to see if they’re actually true?