CNN’s really barking up the tree today.

During a segment Wednesday morning on CNN’s “New Day,” co-hosts John Berman and Alisyn Camerota began discussing the Westminster Dog Show.

But things took a turn when they kicked it over to correspondent Jeanne Moos, who used the segment to compare President Donald Trump to a dog.

The only likely reason CNN covered the dog show was because one of the participants was an Australian shepherd named Trump.

As such, the left-leaning network had the perfect opening to use the show to levy a barrage of attacks at the president.

Moos admitted that the dog was not named after the president, but rather got his name from the card game “Bridge.”

Moos then said that while one Trump was a dog, the other is “a President who barks out insults using the phrase, ‘like a dog.’”

CNN then aired a clip montage of Trump using the phrase “like a dog,” which appeared to be an attempt to compare the president to an actual dog.

Not missing the opportunity to bring up Russia, Moos then delivered her worst insult of the day.

“Trump himself has been depicted as a dog led around by Putin,” she said, with the hosts back in the studio not saying anything in response.

“Critics have called the President a canine,” Moos said before CNN cutting to a clip of network guest Alice Stewart saying: “When you lie in bed with dogs, you get fleas.”

Moos then said that while both Trumps know how to shake hands, there’s no “evidence” of the president “having his mouth examined publicly.”

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The segment was so bizarre and cringeworthy that Camerota and Berman hardly said anything and sat quietly until the embarrassing segment ended.

Weirdly enough, this is the second time that Moos has compared Trump to a dog.

In November 2017, Moos led a segment on CNN that compared Trump’s face to a dog’s ear infection.

Moos interviewed a British woman name Jade Robinson, who had posted a photo online of her dog’s inner ear on Facebook, which some said resembled Trump.

“Is it an inflammation? Is it an infection? What is it that looks like Donald Trump?” Moos asked Robinson.

When Robinson said an infection caused the inner ear to become “inflamed and red,” Moos made a terrible joke about the treatment removing Trump’s face from the dog’s ear.

“So when the infection’s gone, will the beagle’s ear be clear of Donald Trump?” Moos asked.

“Possibly,” Robinson responded.