Kamala Harris went clothes shopping as a part of her campaign for president, and a CNN reporter couldn’t help but assist the candidate with picking out a new jacket.

CBS reporter Kaitlin Huey-Burns tweeted a video of Harris in a Columbia, South Carolina boutique trying on a jacket.

“When the campaign trail takes you to a boutique and Maeve Reston spots a great sequined jacket for Kamala Harris to try on,” Huey-Burns tweeted, adding the hashtag “campaign fashion report.”

The video shows the candidate as she puts it on and then poses in the mirror.

The women all burst into laughter at the gaudy ensemble.

The CNN website lists Reston as a “National Political Reporter.” Her Twitter bio says she’s “covering Kamala Harris” — literally, apparently.

NBC reporter Ali Vitali said the CNN reporter “inspired” the moment:

The CNN reporter said the journalists “kind of forced” Harris into trying on clothes:

It’s not the first time CNN has been cozy with a Democrat.

The Daily Caller reported in January:

CNN courted soon-to-be Speaker Nancy Pelosi and took her out for ice cream in a segment that aired on the network Thursday morning.

Pelosi, a Democratic Rep. from California, is set to begin her second reign as Speaker of the House this week. In preparation, CNN interviewed Pelosi in her hometown of Baltimore, Maryland.

CNN political correspondent Dana Bash did the honors of walking around Little Italy with Pelosi and even stopping into her favorite shop for ice cream.

“That was fascinating,” anchor Poppy Harlow later commented.