Gay black actor Jussie Smollett may soon go down as the greatest hate hoaxer in American history, both because of the made-for-TV drama he allegedly concocted to successfully dupe a gullible and biased media, but also for taking the sport of fake hate crimes to a whole new level of hypocrisy.

If reports he staged the stunt are true, it sheds a whole new light to the actor’s habit of doling out advice online about social justice and racism, and attacks on conservatives who support President Trump.

The American Mirror offers a collection of Smollett’s greatest hits, courtesy of the actor’s Twitter account.

Just days before Smollett told Chicago police he was attacked by Trump-loving racist homophobes in sub-zero  Chicago at 2 a.m., he was accepting an the “famous red tie at MLK Scholarship Breakfast” as one of 5,000 role models kids can look up to.

Smollett proudly retweeted pictures from his induction into the “5,000 Role Models” mentor program alongside other dignitaries including fellow actor Danny Glover.

Just two days before the attack, Smollett warned his followers that “Frauds are everywhere y’all.

“Protect your mind, heart and spirit of you and your people at all costs,” he wrote.

Earlier that same week Smollett posted a video of socialist Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez speaking in the House, and alleged “45 and all his white hooded cohorts are a national disgrace,” referring to President Trump.

“And if you support them,” he added, “so are you. Clowns.”

Smollett’s penchant for labeling all Trump supporters as racist and homophobic is a popular theme for the actor and central to the plot of his alleged attack. Two Nigerian brothers told police Smollett agreed to pay them $3,500 to stage the alleged hate crime, which also involved a noose from rope the two bought from a Chicago hardware store and red hats purchased from a beauty store days earlier.

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The brothers allegedly rehearsed the performance, with Smollett directing them to yell out racist epithets and declare the wildly liberal downtown Chicago neighborhood “MAGA country.”

News reports cite unidentified sources that claim Smollett staged the attack as a way to gain fame as a victim and avoid being written off of “Empire,” though Fox executives that produce the show denied the allegations. An letter sent to the Fox studios by an alleged racist shortly before the attack didn’t elicit the big response Smollett was looking for, the unidentified sources said, so he cooked up the plan to stage the attack.

“Ego is enemy,” Smollett tweeted in December. “Check that.”

The month prior, he retweeted advice from user “L E F T” that seems especially relevant in the wake of recent revelations.

“We are living in the age of under nuanced conversations about really complex conversations,” the message read. “Folks are so desperate to be the first to have a take on a story that often times the actual story never gets the change to reveal the facts and truths that fully color the situation.”

Immediately following Smollett’s claims of being attacked, noosed, bleached and hospitalized with a broken rib, the mainstream media simply reported his claims verbatim, despite an increasing number of hate hoaxes leading up to and since the 2016 election.

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Every Democratic candidate for president in 2020 immediately jumped to support Smollett before police even collected the facts, which soon revealed the actor’s story didn’t make any sense. Smollett claimed to have been on the phone with his manager during the attack, but neither men would allow police to review their phones.

Smollett also neglected to mention the allegedly horrific attack to the security attendant in the lobby of his apartment upon returning home with his Subway sandwich in hand, noose around his neck, surveillance video showed. Police said Smollett still had the noose around his neck when he called them to his apartment 45 minutes after the alleged hate crime.

Investigators were unable to find any evidence of the alleged attack, but the facts in the case eventually led them to the two Nigerian brothers, whom Smollett worked with as extras on the set of “Empire,” according to media reports.

Smollett’s social media posts show he’s been worried about getting kicked off the show for months.

“Listen Kiki … they’ve been tryna kill me off for years,” Smollett wrote to a fan last November.

It was the month after he posted two wise words that would now likely do him some good: “Be honest.”

Also in October, he offered this sage advice:

The fight to protect the ‘legacy’ of someone who cares nothing about the legacy of you or your community … matched with a downright short attention span, can be the ruination/halt of progress for an entire people. Be wise with who you give your money, protection and attention to.

There’s another Smollett post from June that speaks to his current predicament, as well.

“It would be so much simpler for us all if we did this whole living thing with LOVE,” he wrote.

Perhaps the most hypocritical message, however, came in 2016, when Smollett offered important questions that now seem especially relevant for himself, and the liberal media and politicians who helped to spread his alleged hate hoax.

“Who is more to blame?” Smollett questioned. “A Devil who spreads obvious lies or a fool who chooses to believe those lies and pass them along?”