Sen. Kamala Harris’s plan to win over voters is apparently to lie about President Donald Trump.

During an event on Sunday in Bettendorf, Iowa, Harris spoke with potential voters about her 2020 presidential run and some of the policies she supports.

While taking questions from the audience, a woman explained to Harris that Hillary Clinton was “silenced” and mistreated during the 2016 presidential election because she is a woman.

Watch below, with Harris’ comments beginning at the 54:00 mark.

The audience member went on to ask Harris how she will approach the 2020 election knowing that and if she will take any action to demand that women are treated equally to men, which there’s no evidence to suggest they aren’t.

After letting out a huge cackle and weirdly clapping while the microphone was still between her hands, Harris vowed that her voice would be heard.

Harris then claimed that the 2020 election will not be like the 2016 election because “we now know who he is,” referring to Trump without actually saying his name.

The California Democrat spouted off a handful of verifiable false claims, telling the crowd that Trump pulled the U.S. out of NATO, doesn’t want to provide healthcare to all Americans, doesn’t support protecting the climate, and is against helping working-class families.

“We have a history of seeing how he is selling out our reputation around the world,” Harris said, taking a page from former President Barack Obama’s playbook and attacking Trump without actually saying his name.

“Pulling out of NATO, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,” Harris added, stuttering to finish her false statement.

The United States has not pulled out of NATO.

In fact, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg praised Trump last month for pushing other NATO states to start paying their fair share.

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“President Trump has been very clear. He is committed to NATO … but at the same time he has clearly stated that NATO allies need to invest more,” Stoltenberg said, noting that NATO states will increase their defense spending by $100 billion in response to Trump’s threats.

Harris got away with telling the lie to Iowa voters and went on to peddle more liberal talking points.

Trump has “turned our back on allies and befriended Russia over our intelligence community,” Harris said, blankly staring at the crowd.

“And so I’m going to give our friends, neighbors and our…” she began, pausing to find the right words before adding, “fellow Americans a whole ‘lotta credit for seeing through the you know what.”